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Linear LED light can be customized to most shapes and can be installed in three ways, recessed, suspended, and surface-mounted. The light effects generated by the light lines that split the space allow creating plays and combinations between the architectural or furnishing elements.

When multiple LEDs are packaged together in a long, narrow housing, they create a strip of light otherwise known as linear lighting. This relatively simple design concept has revolutionized the way LEDs are used in lighting applications and in recent times, has become much more affordable due to the materials being more readily available.

The beauty of integrated LED linear lighting is its flexibility. LED linear strips to open up a world of illuminating possibilities for your home, as they can be hidden, housed in interesting profiles, and integrated into all kinds of joinery and architectural details. 

LED Linear lighting strips can be used as small or as large as you like, offering endless design possibilities. A range of lighting effects, patterns, and atmospheres are achievable using integrated linear lighting all over your home, complemented with floor, wall, and spotlighting. It’s all about playing with shape, shadows, and space to create the best effect possible.

Even though linear lights aren’t popular in the conventional types of lighting fixtures for residential the beauty of integrated linear lighting is its flexibility and strips to open up a world of illuminating possibilities for your home, as they can be hidden, housed in interesting profiles, and integrated into all kinds of joinery and architectural details.

We can subdivide the Linear lights into;

  • Decorative Linear light
  • Pendant Linear light
  • Surface Mount Linear light
  • Integrated Linear light or Recessed Linear light

First of all, let’s see what the linear lights are and where can we use these lights, we have a detailed blog on types of light fixtures and where to use them,

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Where to use: Linear lighting in shelving, Linear lights over the dining table and kitchen islands, Wash lighting with integrated linear lights,

1. Decorative Linear Led lights

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Linear lights offer a pleasing wash of light when integrated into architectural elements such as recessed ones, The indoor linear lighting combines aesthetic and technical elements. We have a huge collection of amazing decorative linear lights in our shop, feel free to check our linear lights collection here: 


2. Pendant Linear lights

From minimal and modern to fun and eclectic, linear suspensions are ideal alternatives to chandeliers or pendants, available in a wide range of styles to suit any space. While there are examples of pendants used in every room, there are two distinct rooms and placements where they are very commonly used. Those placements are: Linear Led Lights

1. Kitchen

Linear lights can be a good option, specifically above peninsulas and islands. As kitchen islands grow in popularity, so too does the use of pendant lights. Pendant lights not only offer great light to counter surfaces, but they look great. The reason they work well over peninsulas and islands is you can’t walk in those areas so there’s no risk of bumping your head. Since they can look fabulous (in some cases be the star of a room), they’re a great option.


2. Dining Room

 Specifically, pendant lights are ideal over dining room tables for the same reasons that they are really good above kitchen peninsulas and islands. Have you noticed the yellow pendant linear light in the villa of movie ‘PARASITE (2019) – Oscar movie! “

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3. Workstations

From providing a unique atmosphere to any space, to building an atmosphere that fosters efficiency, suspended linear lighting solutions do it all. They also provide uniform light distribution, drive performance, and enhance productivity to ensure maximum efficiency without the risk of improper lighting, thus smoothening everyday work performance. 

With their abundant benefits and applications, Suspended Linear lights are certainly the one-stop lighting solution for any workplace.

3. Surface Mount LED Linear lights

Surface Mount Led Linear Lights
Surface-mounted lights are mounted directly on the ceiling as they feature a screw-less design mechanism. Best suited for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and sterile facilities, surface-mounted lights are versatile enough to bring a fresh perspective to any space.

4. Integrated Linear light or Recessed Linear light


A popular use for linear LED strips is to integrate them on top of a piece of joinery to uplight the ceiling, filling dark corners with diffused light to add general brightness. This can be a simple surface-mounted linear lighting profile on top of cupboards or any tall piece of furniture.

Linear lights offer a pleasing wash of light when integrated into architectural elements such as a ceiling cove. Where a downlight points the light downwards, an LED strip integrated to the cove provides soft and general wash to the ceiling. Linear lighting can also be integrated into a shadow gap to wash the walls. For example, over feature paneling, curtains, a shower area, or relaxation space.

The Linear lights in the ceiling can be customized on-site and can be installed based on project requirements, The three main components required to make linear led lights are, 

1. LED strip light

According to design, this can use different kinds of the led strip light. The most are SMD 5050-60LED/M, and SMD 2835-120LED/M. The color has many kinds, Red, Amber, Blue, Green, and warm white, nature white, cool white. 

Nowadays there are COB LED strips that are Dot free and can be installed easily for skirting, cove lighting, etc, Read about COB LED Strips here: LED Strip lights COB vs SMD.

2. Power supply

You can count the total watts of the strip light, then you know how much power supply you need to use. And some projects use RGB led strip light. This needs an RGB controller.

3. LED aluminum profile

Led strip light use with an LED aluminum profile can create a much amazing design. You can check some projects in this post: LED aluminum profile project. LED Aluminum profiles can be trimless, profiles with wings, or even surface mount ones using clips.

Led Linear Light Shelving Linear Led Strips Led Linear Light Shelving Linear Led Strips

Linear lighting in shelving

Integrating linear lighting into shelving adds drama and depth to a room, with books or favourite ornaments highlighted from an apparently hidden light source. When lighting books, we recommend putting the light source at the front of the shelf to provide a general wash. 

For a more theatrical effect, we can put an object in silhouette by positioning the linear light at the back. As with all design, we can play with position, symmetry, asymmetry, abstract design and classic patterns.

FAQs about Linear Lighting

What is linear lighting?

Linear lighting is defined as a linear shape luminaire Usually, these lights are long in length and are installed as suspended from a ceiling, surface mounted to a wall or ceiling, or recessed into a wall or ceiling.

Where is linear lighting used?

Linear lighting is used in workstations, shelving, over the dining table and kitchen islands, Recessed Integrated LED linear lights are now used as ambient lighting (used to illuminate the whole space).

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