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Here we have top 10 interior designers to follow on Instagram who have marked their place in the design world. These Instagram accounts give you insight into their creations. The stylish, contemporary designs for those simplicity lovers, the bohemian designs that take us to an entirely different world, the comfortable, cozy spaces reminding you of countryside farmhouses along with that greenery you always had an eye for.

The point is, no matter what your aesthetic leanings are Instagram always has something for everyone. Here we have some of the designers from around the world who might give you the inspiration for that living room you always wanted to decorate and bring life to whom we think are the top 10 interior designers to follow on Instagram.

Deciding that you need to update your space is the most effortless task when coming to interior design or renovation. To figure out what you want or how to personalize your space in between these fast-moving trends without falling behind is an entirely different story. The vibe generating from the space you are whether it be your bedroom, your dream home, your office, or even your cabin has an impact on how you function physically and psychologically. 

And with the internet making everything easy for us it also is a great place, to begin with when coming to design inspirations. We have platforms that are solely dedicated to interior design & decors, design inspirations and you can meet the designers themselves through their social media accounts. Instagram is one such stellar source for anyone looking for ways to revive and decorate their space. So type those ideas in the search bar and find what the world has for you. 

Here's our top 10 interior designers to follow on instagram


Kelly Wearstler

Interior Design and Architecture

Kelly Wearstler is a term for a provocative, multi-layered, and unique design in the field of the hospitality design sector. She creates spaces and as well as products for both residential and commercial locations.

Her photos are something that portraits not just luxury but the over-the-top luxury in the design field. Her Instagram displays an alluring range of color, form, and texture to create the kind of spaces that is altogether new and fresh to you. She features patterns, tapestries, abstract designs, and portraits of herself in the Instagram feed.

Kelly Wearstler instagram account is first in our list of top 10 interior designers to follow on instagram


Emily Henderson

Stylist, Founder of

With over 900k followers Emily Henderson is our second in the list of interior designers to follow on Instagram is one of the most followed interior design pages which portraits a blend of retro and contemporary design. She is an author, stylist, TV personality, runs her own blog, and has “a strong commitment to vintage inspired approachable [homes] for every single person.”

Her feed reminds those bright mornings and coffee, the quiet in-home staycation on a Wednesday. You’ll find lots of bright white walls and cosy woods on her Instagram. The account also gives you a sneak peek into her life and ideologies. You will find multiple combinations of white walls and wooden finish in all design -isms.


Jonathan Adler

Head Judge of @hgtv, Design Star: NextGen,

Jonathan Adler is the one making Geometric accent trends, go trendier. Whether it’s the Brass Teardrop Tables or a set of checker-patterned curtains or an elephant menorah, or an entire wall, you can definitely find a mix of mid-century modern design through the use of geometric shapes. His Instagram has lots of stunning art pieces.

He has an Instagram shopping facility that makes it even easier to add them to a cart. He creates everything from furniture to lighting fixtures. Still, that artistic flair is the brand’s aesthetic. You’ll find bold colors, compelling patterns table accents, statues, and unique vases in his posts.

And every once in a while you will come across posts like the Lolli-punk lollipop holder, Simon the Cranky elf which I am sure will put a smile around your face. This is an all-rounder account you should sneak into for your home design ideas. A little time here will leave you with exciting ways to refresh and update your home without sacrificing your own ideas along the way.

Jonathan Adler is our third pick for the top 10  interior designers to follow on Instagram.


Justina Blakeney

Founder & Creative Director 🌿@theJungalow 🌞@JustinaBlakeneyHome

Justina Blakeney is a famous designer and best-selling author take us to a green wild space with her Instagram posts. She is the author of The New Bohemians Handbook, Come Home to Good Vibes. Just as the title of her book suggests she is known for her boho aesthetics. Her website, Jungalow, is a one-stop shop for everything from apparel to home décor.

Justina Blakeney’s Instagram gives us a sneak peek into her life and designs. Her page is filled with bold colors, bright textiles, body positivity, and lots of green. Her Instagram feed has design photos featuring residences and includes resources such as
houseplant guides and project instructions. 

This definitely is one of the go-to inspiration accounts for all the people out there wanting a wild green touch especially if you live in cities. So Justina Blakeney is our fourth pick in the top 10 interior designers to follow on Instagram




In the top 10 interior designers to follow on Instagram next is Ryan Korban, This self-made New York interior designer Ryan Korban has designed a line of retail spaces for the biggest names in fashion. His name appeared on the prestigious AD100 list as one of the design world’s best young talents for 2017. Ryan Korban is a renowned New York-based author and interior designer.

His designs shout luxury in all its glory, best described as a mix of luxury, old-world romance, and urban cool. He strives to create spaces that surpass trends to redefine traditional design for a new generation. 

So if you are inclined to elegant pillars, custom-made lights, massive walk-in closets, marble structures, and historic architecture, this is the Instagram account for you. You will also find some millennial pink in his account with that luxury marble design that takes us to the classic luxury.


Jessica Helgerson

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design based in Portland

JHID is an interior design company headed by Jessica Helgerson. She has over 25 years of experience in the industry. It is not just the final look you see in her account, you get to see different stages, the plain wall scraped of paint, the half-laid tiles which show her accessible and practical approach to the designs.

She has a background of being a green-building activist, she emphasizes the importance of sustainable and green building in her projects. Every picture feels like the reality of home on how you actually live in, rather than something you’d be afraid to ruin.

You can see a wide variety of tiles, the color combo she is working on, or a visual from a walk around in the city that has a strong voice in society, in her feed, if you want to know a little bit of what to expect in her account.


Natalie Myers

Award-winning interior designer

Natalie Myers, an established and award-winning interior designer’s, Instagram account is a treat to browse. The designs portrayed on her account are not something from which we can find a pattern or genre. All the photographs are different from another.

You will find an abstract patterned tile, a plain wall, a marble top, some wooden floor everything all together and then you understand how different, unique and high-end style yet homely it really is. For someone who is looking for those cosy light warm colours with some colour pop, this is it. Her Instagram gives you that lovely, relaxing, elegant, all-in-one quiet holiday weekend vibes.


Candice Luter

Candice Luter Art & Interiors

Candice Luter designer and artist is known for her impressive collection of custom furniture and unique home accents. Each of her designs is a one-of-a-kind creation made by hand. She with her team presents our options for some of the most beautiful and simple wall hangings that itself will be the sole focus in a room, the one that blends with the surrounding yet contrast with the texture, material, and design.

How with the everyday items we see around she makes some of her stunning designs are evidence of how creative she is, that itself is the reason why you should be visiting her account. Her affinity to green in her designs is can often be found in her Instagram posts, which is a treat to the eyes.

There’s no better place to begin your exploration for decor ideas than the Instagram feeds of inspiring interior designers. If you are in for your once-in-three-year interior redecoration or renovation or maybe moving to a new place where you are starting from first or even if you just want to change that couch in your living room or that corner lamp, you deserve to have the best out there.

To personalize your space, reinvent yourself with all those designs and inspirations out of your reach. And the above-mentioned feeds will definitely help you with that.

Elisabeth_Heier-Insta Post- Top-10-Interior-Designers-To-Follow-On-Instagram
Elisabeth_Heier Top 10 Interior Designers To Follow On Instagram Dp

Elisabeth Heier

Photographer, stylist, and visual storyteller Oslo

Elisabeth Heier’s Instagram account is filled with minimalistic posts, mostly a monochromatic reminder, maybe a piece of Scandinavian furniture, some white linens, or maybe the light and shadow photographs. You will find a lion’s share of different tones and shades of black, white, and grey on her Instagram. 

You may find a staircase, a wooden table or a corner window, or a beachside in her feed and every one of them shows all the beauty that can be contained in a single post. And for everyone who wants to go monotone and sleek her account is one of the best ones out there.


Aamir hameeda

Partners @aamirsharma @hameedasharma

And last but not least the designer duo Aamir Hameeda is our tenth on the list for interior designers to follow on Instagram, this designer duo Aamir Sharma and Hameeda Sharma is known for their quirky, minimal, or very flamboyant; which in their words are totally depending on our clients and their budgets. 

You will find that the designs are not restricted to a specific genre and the combination can really be altogether a new experience for you. If you are up for something fresh, exploring, and adventurous this is where you should be. Whether it be the luxury penthouse, or a cozy home, office, or restaurant, this is one account you should visit

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