Astounding Pendant Lights


Astounding Pendant Lights from EVOLET Luminaires of  Northerncult is popular due to its design, excellent performance, and aesthetic appeal. The improvisations we make on the linear lights for the past couple of years have been outstanding like our latest FOSKO LG90.

Our designing team has put lots of effort into it to produce the latest FOSKO Series with its elegant touch with Matte Black touch, it made the top favorite among the interior designers, be it your meeting room tables, and ideal Black Pendant light Dining room fixture, or in reception these lights will stand out from the rest.

The FOSKO LG90 Astounding Pendant Lights Series comes in three size variants and color temperature options to match your ambiance of the space.

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FOSKO LG90 – Astounding Pendant Lights

FOSKO LG90 Series of Astounding Pendant Lights in Matte Black Finish.  The classic choice is developed after a lot of experiments and tests. The choice of color temperature with warm white is also available as a custom option flexible to meet the lighting environment.

What kind of shade you should choose would largely depend on what kind of look and lighting you are aiming for. It is also important to take into consideration the décor style that you have established in the room. Make sure you pick a decorative hanging light shade that complements the interiors and enhances the aesthetic value of the décor in addition to providing effective lighting. The black pendant light fixture is one of the most stylish pendant lights in 2021.

Where to hang pendant lights? Ah, the all-important question – the placement of your modern pendant chandelier or decorative hanging lights! This is perhaps one of the first questions you need to ask yourself before you actually select a black pendant light or chandelier for your home. Many traditional and mid-century house owners love decking up their space with a black pendant chandelier. The more contemporary-style homes or ultramodern houses in urban settings have moved towards installing chic pendant lamps.

And the good news is now you can contact us directly and let sit together if you need any customization, our design team will be happy to help you out. Just drop a line with the product details to our email: [email protected]


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