Pendant Tube Linear Light


Introducing the VIRDO LG143 Linear  Tube Linear Light : A Contemporary Marvel of Illumination

Crafted to redefine the essence of lighting innovation, the VIRDO LG143 Pendant Tube Linear Light embodies durability, sophistication, and an unrivaled aura of timelessness. This luminary masterpiece transcends conventional boundaries, presenting a harmonious fusion of strength and elegance encapsulated within its cylindrical form.

Constructed from premium materials including acrylic and stainless steel, and adorned with high-grade powder-coated ends, the Pendant Tube Linear Light exudes resilience and refinement in equal measure. Its robust composition ensures longevity, making it an ideal choice for pendant lighting applications in a myriad of spaces, from intimate bedrooms to expansive double-height rooms and inviting living areas. Available in Three different sizes and 4 color temperature options:
S: 70cm, M: 100cm, L:130cm,
Color temperature: 2700K (Upon request), 3000K: Warm white, 4000K: Neutral White, 6500K: Cool White


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VIDRO LG146 – Pendant Tube Linear Light

Elevate Your Space with Elegance: Exploring the Beauty of VIDRO LG146 360 Degree Pendant Tube Linear Light. Discover a new realm of sophistication and versatility with the VIDRO LG146 Crafted from premium glass and aluminum, showcases a sophisticated and durable design. Its stainless steel mountings add a sleek touch to its minimalist aesthetic, making it effortlessly blend with any interior decor. With its white color palette, this linear tube pendant light introduces a contemporary element to any space.

Enhance your living areas with our handpicked modern lighting collection, boasting exquisite chandeliers and contemporary fixtures that cater to various styles and budgets. At Northerncult, we prioritize exceptional quality and unmatched design to ensure your lighting choices reflect your unique preferences. Crafted to redefine contemporary lighting design, this luminary masterpiece transcends conventional boundaries, offering a seamless fusion of style and functionality. From its sleek aesthetics to its unparalleled performance, the Linear Tube Pendant Light is poised to illuminate your space with timeless elegance and brilliance.

At the heart of the VIDRO LG146 Linear Tube Pendant Light lies a commitment to innovation and excellence. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern living spaces, this luminaire boasts a 360-degree illumination, casting a gentle yet encompassing glow that transforms any environment into a haven of beauty and serenity. Whether suspended from ceilings or mounted on walls, the Linear Tube Pendant Light offers endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to create a bespoke lighting solution tailored to your unique vision.

Crafted from high-quality materials including glass and aluminum, and adorned with stainless steel mountings, the VIDRO LG146 Linear Tube Pendant Light exudes sophistication and durability in equal measure. Its minimalist design aesthetic, characterized by clean lines and understated elegance, ensures seamless integration into any interior decor scheme, while its white color palette adds a touch of contemporary flair to any space. Whether used as a focal point in a living room or as ambient lighting in a bedroom, the Linear Tube Pendant Light elevates the ambiance with its timeless charm and understated beauty.

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VIDRO LG146 – Pendant Tube Linear Light dimensions

Virdo-Lg146-Pendant-Tube-Linear-Light-Dimensions---Northerncult (6)
  • Model: VIDRO LG146 – Pendant Tube Linear Light
  • Item Type: Pendant Tube Linear Light, Linear tube Pendant light
  • Light Source: LED Source
  • Finish: Frosted Finish Acrylic + Powder-coated aluminum ends
  • Bulbs Included: Yes
  • Dimmable: No
  • Switch Type: On/Off
  • Voltage: AC110-260V
  • Shade Type: Frosted finish
  • Power Source: AC
  • Installation Type: Pendant
  • Genre: LED Tube pendant light, White tube pendant light, Glass Tube pendant light, Tube pendant light

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 7 × 120 cm
Lengths in cm

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Color Temperature

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