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KAMPDOS Series Nordic Minimal Pendant Lights, the Colorful pendant lights can help bring a room together with a nearly unlimited variety of colors, glass textures, and lighting effects. are popular decorative or globe pendant lighting that can be used anywhere, We like to think of pendant lighting as jewelry for a ceiling. They all top off a room with an eye-catching style, whether you want a romantic glass chandelier.

Nordic Style Pendant Lights add an extra source of light perfectly integrating within a space. Styles, shapes, and colors are plenty so to serve each individual need. Your space will never look void and anonymous again thanks to the amazing KAMPDOS Pendant LED lights. They will rather make a statement. KAMPDOS LG104 – Nordic Minimal Pendant Lights comes with a mix of Frosted glass with three amazing color combinations of Black, Red, and Gold in 6 heads and 8 heads options.

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KAMPDOS LG104 – Nordic Minimal Pendant Lights

KAMPDOS LG104 Series of Nordic Style Pendant Lights with a mix of Frosted Glass finish and contrast color body finish.  Well-chosen pendant LED lights can do wonders for almost any space in your home. When you have a space that’s nearly perfect, but just needs a little something extra, a colored body with glass shade pendant lights can be just the thing. Set in a corner, they cast a warm glow over leather upholstery and wood accent tables. Used as a centerpiece for dining areas, they produce minimal light for intimate meals or bright illumination for family get-togethers.

Even utility spaces like kitchens and home offices can be brightened up with simple, elegant colorful hanging lights. The two classic combinations of choice are developed after a lot of experiments and tests of color combinations. The choice of color temperature with warm white, natural white, and cool white is also available as a custom option flexible to meet the lighting environment. The amazing designs are perfect as pendant lights for kitchen island,  for bedrooms, living rooms, receptions, and pendant lights over island, etc.

NorthernCult has a brilliant selection of simply designed pendants in different colors that won’t break the bank. We have amazing designer pendant lamps made with love and flexibility – The KAMPDOS Nordic Minimal Pendant lights are made with frosted milky glass finish shade, with a beam angle of 270° which is positioned downwards. Otherwise, the dream would be a KAMPDOS LG104 pendant light over the dining table, a gently curved lamp that’s elegant and timeless.

While traditionally we are used to seeing chandeliers in a dining area, but you can certainly buck the trend by using a multi-light pendant instead. Regarding the installation of the pendant lights or chandeliers, As a rule, hang your fixture about 36 inches above the dining room table surface to avoid the fixture interfering with dining. While hanging your fixture slightly lower will create a more intimate setting, be certain that the light is not so low that it creates a distracting glare. We have a detailed blog on the height of the Chandelier installation.

And the good news is now you can contact us directly and let sit together if you need any customization like grey wall lights or any personalized suggestions, our design team will be happy to help you out. Just drop a line with the product details to our email: [email protected]

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 120 cm



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