Dazzling Hand Made Abstract Art Painting


As an architect, it is easy for her to connect Abstract art with space around. She sees to it that art brings positive energy to space. These series of art aspires to soothe the souls. She strives to achieve color balance, required calculative distance along with her imagination, to achieve the beautiful contrast between harmony and chaos.

The painting method follows the Scandinavian color palette focusing on the hue psychology, all with polished plain lines, minimalism, and functionality without relinquishing beauty.


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HOPE OF SQUARE HD56  -Dazzling Hand Made Abstract Art Painting

Hope of Square HD56 – The Dazzling Hand Made Abstract Art Painting is original art from the designer architect is named as the art!
The art: The art mainly focuses on the compositions with colors and textures as primary subjects which is then evolved into abstracts, with the deft usage of textured mediums/knife/brush, intended to develop a sense of calmness in the viewer.

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