Exquisite Nordic Jaguar Poly Art Statue


Origami Jaguar is Simple, striking, and a little bit glam, the Origami series of tabletop statues by John Montroll is the perfect accent for any space!  Supremely versatile, we think the Nordic Poly Art Deer statue by John Montroll will work almost anywhere, but we’d love to see it as part of an entryway or next to a grand fireplace! Find harmony in your design and spark a conversation with their sophisticated and timeless designs that have a touch of whimsy.

NorthernCult Home decor offers the full line of Origami Collection, from their life-sized animals to fine art inspired Nordic dimensional wall decor and elemental furniture designs. This gorgeous representation is formed out of resin and finished in dazzling shades of White, Black, Gold, and Red with a set of 2 in each packing. Leaf for an eye-catching effect that won’t go unnoticed.

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ORIGAMI JAGUAR AC55 Exquisite Nordic Jaguar Poly Art Statue

Origami Series from Northern Cult is a Simple statuette for designer Indoors for your home or office by the International Sculptor John Montroll. The elegant series of ORIGAMI is filled with the latest designs and designer colors to match almost all ambiances and indoor spaces are it your living room, bedroom, or even your office. Moving the sculpture allows the viewer to see many views and choose whatever suits the mood that day.

Ultimately, your space color and mood should help you choose the perfect showpiece. The number of pieces, their sizes and shape, the colors in the arrangement, and how you envision the result will help you select the perfect one for a stunning display. We have made your job easier to help you match the four elegant colors with the most unique color combination and shape in order to give that elegant look for your favorite space.

Using ORIGAMI series shapes, and With a little creativity, however, you can easily adapt even a less-than-perfect eye-catching spot into a brilliant showcase area. These are crafted by skilled artists and use high-quality Resin to meet the quality and finish.

ORIGAMI JAGUAR AC55 Exquisite Nordic Poly Jaguar Art Statue dimensions

Origami Jaguar Ac55 Nordic Poly Art Statue Dimensions Small

Origami Jaguar Ac55 Nordic Poly Art Statue Dimensions Large



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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 44 × 5 × 13 cm
Origami Jaguar

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