European Wooden Light Blue Glass Vase


The FOSCHO European light blue glass vase in our latest edition FOSCHO home decor series featuring inspiring designs and colors that bring authentic oriental aesthetics to your space.  These stunning handmade FOSCHO designer glass vases are pure perfection and workmanship, that’s what deserves to take center stage.

Glass vases are a decorative item that never goes out of style. A glass vase isn’t just for flowers. Vases are often displayed in spaces that always need liveliness. Take a cue from minimalism with this simply elegant and classic minimal glass vase to help your natural beauties stand out makes our FOSCHO series stand out from the rest of the other series, also by its minimal design and material used.

A modern minimalist vase decor can feature an eye-catching, sculptural form in which case it would stand out regardless of the type of flowers you display in it.

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FOSCHO HD68 – European Wooden Light Blue Glass Vase

FOSCHO European Wooden light blue glass vase series come in a combination of glass and wooden designs, trying to find the perfect one for your space can sometimes become a herculean task but the best strategy is to have a set of criteria to help one make a decision. The size of the vase must be considered.

Small glass vases like sets can be packed full of color and used as accessories for the dining table or simple to add color to certain parts of a room. The shape of the vase is also important. Depending on what type of flower arrangement you want to create, you can either get a thin and tall vase or a short, which case it will stand out regardless of the type of flowers you display in it.

Highlight its beauty with the right lighting or by placing it in a strategic spot.

Choosing the Perfect Vase

There are as many vases to choose from, so how can you select that one perfect vase for your arrangement. Fill it with faux plants until you pick up the perfect bouquet to occupy it. There are many different factors that should be considered when choosing a vase, such as

  • Vase Height
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Color
  • Formality

Highlight its beauty with the right lighting or by placing it in a strategic spot. Ultimately, your space color and mood should help you choose the perfect vase. The number of vases, their sizes and shape, the colors in the arrangement, and how you envision the result will help you select the perfect vases for a stunning display.

We have made your job easier to help you match the three elegant glass and wooden designs with the most unique color combination and shape in order to give that elegant look for your favorite space.

In the FOSCHO European light blue glass vase series, we have four unique and classic Foscho design shapes vases with a wooden color finish. With a little creativity, however, you can easily adapt even a less-than-perfect vase into a brilliant showcase for your blooms. These are crafted by skilled artists and use high-quality glass and wooden material to meet the quality and finish.

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FOSCHO HD68  European Wooden Light Blue Glass Vase

FOSCHO HD68 European light blue glass vase wooden 7



  • Model: FOSCHO HD68  European Wooden Light Blue Glass Vase
  • OriginCN (origin)
  • Material: Glass and Wooden mix
  • Style: CLASSIC
  • FunctionA vase for a table

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