Masterclass Nordic Black Wall Clock


When one decides to design a minimalistic clock, everything has to be perfect down to the last detail like the Nordic Wall Clock. The body, texture, and hands are of exactly the same material and size, so in this case, we might say size does matter! STRIPER AC58 is lightweight, unique and striking, we hope you think so too!

The elegant matt black finish is truly a Mastercraft by the designer. The selection of Wooden finish hands was one of the pure choices of elegance after lots of color combination experiments.

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STRIPER AC58 – Masterclass Nordic Black Wall Clock

The stylish Striper Masterclass Nordic Black Wall Clock features a wooden dial and resin matt finish body, and absent hour markers. This STRIPER AC58 was crafted with a minimalistic and understated design but draws attention anyway due to its unique characteristics. The clockwork has a silent sweep movement to ensure you enjoy your peace and quiet.

STRIPER AC58 –  Masterclass Nordic Black Wall Clock dimensions

Striper Ac57 Nordic Black Wall Clock - Dimesions


  • Model: STRIPER AC58 – Masterclass Nordic Wall Clock
  • Item Type: Wall Clock 
  • Designer: Dietrich Lubs
  • Dimension: H30cm,W2cm, L30Cm
  • Weight: .95 Kg
  • Installation Type: Wall Mount
  • Power Source: AA Battery
  • Body Material: Resin Matt Body Finish (Grade B)
  • Finish: Wooden hands

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Additional information

Weight .95 kg
Dimensions 30 × 2 × 30 cm