Kitchen Lighting Guide

Download our free kitchen lighting guide – the led lighting guide for homes from Northerncult, in our residential lighting series, that will help you to get the best output from lights and to avoid kitchen lighting mistakes.

Kitchen-Lighting Guide Free Ebook

Bedroom Lighting Guide

Learn how to quickly develop a modern bedroom lighting plan with ease with our lighting guide that features ideas, pictures, and tips. We’ve compiled a helpful list of ways you can easily light up any room, no matter the size. Our bedroom lighting tips will help you illuminate any space.


Livingroom Lighting Guide

A well lit living room ideally should have layered lighting that illuminates all four corners to create balance and a pleasant atmosphere. Download the Free Ebook to light up the living room with the best output from lights.

Living-Room-Lighting Guide

Bathroom Lighting Guide

What bathroom light fixtures do you need? Do you need mirror lighting in bathroom, Is there any need of task lighting in bathroom. The lighting guide will help you see yourself in the best lighting for bathroom.

Bathroom-Lighting Guide